Pioneering AI-Driven Analytics

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Analytic Mix is at the forefront of transforming analytics for businesses of all sizes. We leverage advanced AI, ML, and NLP technologies to automate and scale analytics, ensuring precision and speed in decision-making.

Our Expertise

Analytic Mix brings together a network of over 500 experts from top institutions like UC Berkeley, NYU, and Cornell, all guided by seasoned PhD modelers. Our team excels in coding across C++, Java, Python, AI/ML, and data science, paired with deep experience in media planning, analytics, multi-touch attribution (MTA), and market segmentation.


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What Our Clients Say

“Analytic Mix has been a great partner for the past three years. They’ve consistently delivered insights that have helped us optimize our media allocations to better drive sales results. We renewed with Analytic Mix because, quite simply, nobody else can do what they do for us.”

– Dan Womack, Marketing Insights, Strategy & Innovation, AFLAC